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Looking for a new brokerage with a local feel centered around their agents?
Hear what our amazing agents are saying about TMR! 
"Having Amy and Robin be so accessible has been great. I came from a small team in a large brokerage and when I needed support or help, it was hard to find. They are very supportive of me and my business. They are always looking for ways to help and support us as agents and are upfront and honest. I'm proud to associate myself with them and I appreciate all the things they do and have done to support and help me!"

Super supportive, a local brokerage who sincerely care about their clients & agents! "

"I’ve known and have been friends with Robin for years because of our oldest daughters, and when I began my journey to becoming an agent, she was a huge help in laying out the pros and cons of a big-box brokerage versus a smaller one. I got my license, and went to work for a “Big Box” for a year and a half, but never really felt it was my home. I had been watching Robin and Amy build Turner Massey from afar, and when a major change in leadership at that Big Box happened, it made me reevaluate what was important - and all that heart-tugging towards Robin and Amy were building finally made sense.  I set up a time to come visit again with Robin about my wants and needs, and I knew. I made the change and felt a sense of calm sweep over me. Why? Because my heart knew I needed to be in a smaller, more supportive environment, filled with agents that didn’t care about how many closings I had that month. They cared about me! Every single one! So if you are a new agent, a seasoned agent, 10 closings a month agent, or 5 closings a year, I invite you to come to visit with us and see if you have your heart tug you here like it did me. I love Turner Massey and I’m so proud to be part of the TM family. "

I love the family feel. I love that my brokers are approachable and so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! "

"I love our boutique brokerage! The agents are close-knit and enjoy spending time together...working, learning, laughing, collaborating, supporting, and encouraging one another. Amy & Robin are smart, joyful, virtuous women who lead our brokerage well. At TMR, we treat our clients like gold and leave a little sparkle wherever we go. "
Turner Massey Realty would love to speak with you and see if our brokerage is a fit! We are looking for hard-working agents who value putting their clients and families first while providing excellent service. TMR can offer an amazing office atmosphere, local brick and mortar office as well as up to date technology to help our agents grow their business. Our goal is to keep an agent-centered brokerage by constantly focusing on how we can better assist our agents to be the best they can be at helping their
client achieve their real estate needs. 

If this sounds like a brokerage you can see yourself growing with please reach out to us at admin@turnermassey.com 

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